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Welcome to our directory of shear sharpeners, and knife sharpening, in the Illinois State Area.

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While not located in this state, here is a great source for beauty shear sharpening in San Francisco Bay California: - Sharp-Now features the best beauty shear sharpening available in Northern California. Sharp-Now does your sharpening at your salon, barber-shop, grooming salon, on location for mobile stylists, or at your home. Wherever you need Japanese Beauty Shear sharpening, Sharp-Now can come to you.

A Maestranzi Sons Knife Services - Maestranzi is one of the oldest knife-sharpening names in Chicago. We are known for our Old World Craftsmanship and hand-edged blades. We combine cutting-edge technology with traditional Italian knife-making techniques to produce world-class cutlery that are a cut above the rest. We also offer a variety of kitchen equipment services to food service professionals in the Chicagoland area.  OUR HISTORY  There is a certain refinement to sharpening a blade that can’t be mastered with automation.It’s that essential human touch that gives Maestranzi-sharpened knives their cutting keenness. The Maestranzi family has been providing knife-sharpening services for four generations, dating back to over a hundred years ago in Trentino, Italy. In 1926, they traveled to Chicago to pursue the Knife business there. With hard work and some luck, what began on the family horse and wagon soon became a successful knife-sharpening business that continues to provide quality knives to kitchens all throughout the Chicagoland. To this day, they remain true to their roots and edge, scale and handle each blade by hand and give them that old-fashioned grindstone finish. “We take great pride in our Old World Craftsmanship.” says John Maestranzi Sr, who has been working in the family business since he was 8 years old. “Each knife is edged and honed by hand, which is more time-consuming than methods used by others. But no one can argue with our results: truly superior knife edges – sharper and more durable than those honed by high-production machine sharpening.” John has since passed the torch onto his sons Johnny and Jake. They continue to uphold the techniques and values that have defined the Maestranzi brand for years. What makes Maestranzi Sons unique, is the craftsmanship they bring to the sharpening process. Their partner and “Master Grinder”, Eddie Sandoval, has been with John Sr. since he started the business back in 1991. He is the skilled expert behind every sharpened knife that leaves the shop. His expertise along with the Maestranzi family experience, is what sets them apart from other knife companies. Whether it’s your local butcher shop or a complete restaurant chain, Maestranzi Sons is dedicated to providing the best quality and service. Maestranzi-honed knives hold their edge so you can cut through your biggest challenges with finesse. -

Shear Science - Scissor & Shear Sharpening - Expert shear & scissor sharpening for the beauty & barber industry. I sharpen all makes & models of shears & clipper blades. The process goes a little like this...I take apart your shears or clipper blades. I inspect all aspects of the shears or clipper blades including the set of your shears. I then clean & disinfect the the item being serviced. Your tools will be professionally sharpened on the newest flat hone technology available. During sharpening, your shears & clipper blade edges will be honed to a bright polish. They will then be oiled & tested before being returned. As an additional service, I will replace any worn bumpers & washers at no charge! Clipper blades are tension adjusted to the industry specs of 2 lbs. as part of the sharpening process. All of my family & friends know me as a perfectionist! It is my mission to provide the quality of service that you may expect from a perfectionist! I picked the best to learn from & train with because I strive to be the best! It is not my objective to get your business, my objective is to keep your business!

Exact Blade - One of a Kind Place - The only brick & mortar store in the entire Midwest that is just blades and sharpening! No candles, sheets, pots, pans or other gadgets. Walk-in service and we guarantee our work. Authorized Retailer for: Zwilling J.A. Henckels, Shun Cutlery, Miyabi, Bob Kramer, KAI, Apogee Dragon, Buck Knives, Remmington, Mundial, F. Dick, Chicago Cutlery, Freud & Diablo Saws, Howard Oil Products, Corona Garden Tools. -

John's Sharpening Service and Cutlery - John's Sharpening Service is dedicated to making your Kitchen Knives, Scissors, Lawn Mower Blades and Garden Tools the very best they can be! Like New or Sharper! We use only the highest quality and state of the art sharpening equipment along with traditional methods from around the world. We combine our expertise and knowledge that dates back over thirty years of working with knives. Every knife or tool is meticulously sharpened , then honed to perfection and Thoroughly Checked for Sharpness before it's ready to be returned our customers. We Guarantee our Work! Sharpener Sharpening on a wet grinder. We provide knife sharpening service for Hinsdale, Oakbrook, Westmont, Darien, Clarendon Hills, Western Springs, La Grange, Glen Ellyn, Wheaton, Naperville, Aurora and most of the Western Suburbs - 

Northwestern Cutlery - Northwestern Cutlery , “The Candy Store for Cooks”, caters to anyone who loves to cook. Since 1975, we have specialized in sharpening services for chef knives in Chicago. Northwestern Cutlery has evolved into a full service store for professional and amateur cooks alike. stop in and have your knives sharpened while you wait. While waiting, pick up that hard to find gadget, add to your cutlery and cookware collection, or sign up for our knife sharpening classes. If you’re looking for that perfect edge and can part with your knife for a day or two, we’ll hand sharpen your knife to perfection. - Also KNIFE SHARPENING CLASSES -

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Garnet R. Chaney

I provide shear sharpening for hair stylists, groomers, barbers, and hair salons, for these counties in California: Marin county, Contra Costa county, Napa county, Sonoma County, Alameda county, Sacramento County.


Text or Call: +1 (415) 779 6075 

I do shear sharpening in these cities: Novato, San Rafael, Fairfax, Mill Valley, Sausalito, Corte Madera, Richmond, Pinole. Berkeley, Oakland, Hayward, San Leandro, Benicia, Vallejo, Fairfield, Sonoma, Napa, Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Sebastapol, Piedmont, Orinda,
Lafayette, Alamo, Moraga, Sacramento and Lake Tahoe.



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