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Welcome to our directory of shear sharpeners, and knife sharpening, in the Iowa State Area.

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While not located in this state, here is a great source for beauty shear sharpening in San Francisco Bay California: - Sharp-Now features the best beauty shear sharpening available in Northern California. Sharp-Now does your sharpening at your salon, barber-shop, grooming salon, on location for mobile stylists, or at your home. Wherever you need Japanese Beauty Shear sharpening, Sharp-Now can come to you.


Dave's Mobile Sharpening Service - mobile sharpening service in Northwest Iowa/Southeast South Dakota. I sharpen beauty shears, scissors , clipper blades, & knives. I provide on site scissor/beauty shear sharpening service. I provide off site clipper sharpening service and return clippers within 2-4 days. Based in Sioux City, IA, I provide service to beauty salons, dog groomers and veterinarians. Sharpening services such as kitchen knives, dental equipment and sewing scissors is also available. Most scissors and shears are sharpened on site without ever leaving your salon. A substitue pair of shears will be provided if needed while I am sharpening yours. Clipper blades are picked up at your salon, sharpened and returned within 2-4 days. Clipper sharpening service is also provided via mail for those who live outside of my travel area. These clippers are returned to you in 7-10 days. -

Honed To Perfection -Quality Scissors and Shears - Get the quality scissors and shears you need for your profession from locally owned and operated Honed To Perfection. - Reliable Brand Names - Superior Sharpening - Thanks to our mobile sharpening service and convenient drop box, your scissors and shears can always have precisely honed edges. -  Honed To Perfection is certified in many popular brands, which means we can sharpen your shears without voiding your warranty. We can also fix shears that other people have ruined. Shark Fin * Kokoro * Shisato Shears * Mirage * Yasaka Debut * Tara Shears * Aikyo Shears * Dynasty

Simmons Sharpening Service - Founded in 2009, Simmons Sharpening Service was started by Tim Simmons. Do you have a blunt carving knife at home? Don't throw it away. Get your tools sharpened by us and save yourself some money. Our experienced machinists will ensure that your tool can cut clean.  We are the only shop offering sharpening services in the area. Our work is guaranteed. Please return your tool for evaluation or a refund if you feel it is not properly sharpened. Call us for a FREE estimate today! -

Edgetech -We Sharpen Anything and Everything You Need - When you're a serious professional, you need your tools to work perfectly every time. You also don't have time to be waiting days for a supplier to return with newly sharpened tools. When the quality of your service is on the line, and you need your axe, scissors, knives or anything else sharpened right away, contact Edgetech for on-site assistance throughout the Des Moines, IA area. - There are countless professionals from all different occupations who benefit from Edgetech's sharpening services. We help crafters, hairstylists, chefs, homeowners, construction workers, medical professionals, arborists, electricians, gardeners, landscapers and much more. Owner Chad Hitsman has two decades of experience helping residents and professionals with sharpening in the Central Iowa area. - Top 10 Reasons to Use Edgetech  1) Cleanliness! My mobile workshop keeps the mess out of your kitchen, home, business 2)  Convenience! Edgetech mobile service can sharpen most items at your location at a minimal charge 3)  Environmentally friendly! A lot of people become frustrated and throw away their dull tools. Re-use, re-cycle,   re-sharpen! - 4) Experience! I've been a full time professional sharpener for over 20 years. Factory certified and trained by master sharpener Dennis Brooks. - 5) Full service! We can sharpen almost anything in your home or business. - 6) Safety! Dull tools are dangerous, even OSHA agrees. - 7) More than sharpening! Edgetech can repair many damaged cutting tools to like new performance. - 8) No gimmicks! Just great service at a great price. I have a passion for what I do and take pride I my work. - 9) Personalized service! Edgetech can custom sharpen to your specific needs. If you have arthritis, a properly sharpened tool cuts with less effort and more control. - 10) Value! Edgetech cansharpen most tools/knives several time and removes minimal metal. A property cared for tool can fast a lifetime .Simply put , Sharpening saves you money.  -

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Garnet R. Chaney

I provide shear sharpening for hair stylists, groomers, barbers, and hair salons, for these counties in California: Marin county, Contra Costa county, Napa county, Sonoma County, Alameda county, Sacramento County.


Text or Call: +1 (415) 779 6075 

I do shear sharpening in these cities: Novato, San Rafael, Fairfax, Mill Valley, Sausalito, Corte Madera, Richmond, Pinole. Berkeley, Oakland, Hayward, San Leandro, Benicia, Vallejo, Fairfield, Sonoma, Napa, Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Sebastapol, Piedmont, Orinda,
Lafayette, Alamo, Moraga, Sacramento and Lake Tahoe.



I highly recommend thia book by Napoleon Hill: 
Grow Rich!: With Peace of Mind - How to Earn all the Money You Need and Enrich Every Part of Your Life

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